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Alice Hart’s Journey of Discovery and Healing in Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers’

    Alice Hart’s Journey of Discovery and Healing in Prime Video’s ‘The Lost Flowers’

    ‘The Lost Flowers of Alice Hart’, the fourth episode of Prime Video, shows Alice in her twenties, who finds out that her grandmother is more lenient than before. By the end of the third episode, Alice has settled in her grandmother’s farm as her home.

    Alice realizes that June has been hiding secrets from her. She decides to leave Thornfield when she learns that her grandmother sabotaged her relationship with Oggi, a childhood friend she loved. June pretended to be Alice and wrote to Oggi that they could not be together. Alice is heartbroken when Oggi does not show up at their meeting place. She thinks he has rejected her.

    Alice gets a letter from Oggi years later and is shocked to discover what really happened then. It turns out that June intercepted his letters and never showed them to Alice. Alice wanders the country until she finds Agnes Bluff, and she takes it as a sign.

    ALICE HART’S LOST FLOWERS RECAP Alice is on her own, exploring the world, but things unravel in Thornfield, where more of June’s secrets are exposed. When June found out about Clem and Agnes, she did not want to bring their two young children to the farm. Meanwhile, their premature baby was dying. The doctors thought he was dead.

    Alice blamed herself for the deaths of her family. She was the one who started the fire that burned their house and killed her father, who never told Alice about him. June knew this, but she never told Alice that her brother survived. He was saved by the doctors, and given to Sally and John Morgan.

    The Morgans told their son about his adoption and his sister. He wrote letters to Alice over the years, but June never gave them to her because she did not know how Clem’s son would turn out. Would he be like his father and grandfather? Would he be violent like them? June did not want to find out and decided that no one else should know.

    Twig thought that June would not keep any secrets from her, and that is why she is surprised when she finds out that Alice’s brother is alive.

    Twig lost custody of her children years ago, but she was happy to know that they were fine. She felt that Alice and Charlie should have had the same chance, especially since Alice blamed herself for everything. June said she could not forgive her this time. But she did not reveal her secrets until Twig found them.

    Alice does not know about this new development, which would only make her hate her grandmother more. She will find out later, but for now, she is in Agnes Bluff, experiencing a different life. Even though they are not together in this episode, it is clear that they will meet soon.

    Alice decides to try it out, especially because she wanted to get over Oggi, who, she knew, was living his life somewhere else with someone else. She says goodbye to him and his friend at the end, because she wanted to be with her mother.